Self Care Kit ideas: What to include in your own kit

What do you do when you cut your finger or graze your knee? You reach for the first aid kit, right? You look after your body, nurture yourself and stop it from being in pain. Turns out this concept really works for mental health too!

As mental health and stress related issues are on the rise we need to create some time to look after ourselves and give ourselves that bit of TLC right when we need it. Emergency first aid boxes for our mental health are a great way to calm ourselves down and nurture ourselves in that time of need. There are so many things you can put in your emergency self care kit and everyone’s will be different, but here are some examples to get you going.

Something that will distract your mind

Perhaps you’re reaching for your self care kit because your mind is racing and you have a million and one thoughts going through your head. Maybe it’s because you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed and burned out with life and your emotions are all fired up. If this is the case, put something in your self care kit that will help distract you from your thoughts and allow you to take your mind elsewhere. Some suggestions of things that will distract your mind are:

  • Puzzles
  • Reading a fictional book
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Watch your favorite movies
  • Drawing
  • Scrap-booking
  • Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Exercising

Something that will help you relax

Sometimes life gets all too much for us and we can’t seem to shut off. We get stressed, wound up and a little thrown off of life, but if you have something handy in you’re self care kit that will help you relax, you will be well on your way on to soothing your body and soul. There are lots of things that can help you to relax but here are some that I think work a treat:

  • Lush Bath Bombs/Epsom bath salts
  • Scented Candles
  • Hand Creams
  • Body Lotion
  • Essential Oil
  • Room Spray
  • Relaxing Music
  • Coloring books
  • Guided Meditation (iPod)

Something you find comforting

When you’re feeling down a self care kit is a great way to give you that big comforting hug that will soothe you and reassure you that you’re doing okay. Pick all the things that make you feel cosy from the inside and out and will make you feel that bit better by the end of the day. Some of my comforting favorite go-to’s are:

  • Hot Water Bottle
  • Hot Chocolate
  • A fluffy blanket
  • Coziest jumper you own
  • Old photographs
  • Positive affirmations

And in case of an emergency…

Sometimes life can get that little bit too much for us and we need more than just some distraction and relaxation techniques. Sometimes we need things for our mental health that are there for emergencies, the times we feel we need that little bit more support. Hopefully you won’t be in any emergency situations but if you are it’s best to be prepared. Here’s a few suggestions of things you should keep in your box:

  • Medication
  • Emergency contacts
  • Phone numbers of Mental Health services
  • Mental Health care plan

I hope you find this helpful and has given you some ideas in what to include in your self-care kit. Let me know in the comments for things that you’ll be putting in your self-care kit.

Nikki xo

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