30 Journal prompts that will help boost your self-esteem today

Journaling for Self-esteem is a fantastic way to improve your mood regarding yourself, your mental health and your body. By getting any negative thoughts out and letting in more positive thoughts into your life, you will feel your spirits being lifted. Not sure what to write? I’ve got you covered. Here are 30 journal prompts that will help you channel your thoughts and empower you each day!

  1. What unique traits do you have?
  2. Discuss one thing you can do RIGHT NOW that your future self will love you for later.
  3. What is a unique talent you have?
  4. Write about a time you were recognized for your accomplishments at work or school.
  5. Name 5 things that you done right today, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.
  6. Describe a mistake you made in the last week. How did you deal with it? How can you prevent the mistake again?
  7. Discuss 3 reasons why you deserve to be loved.
  8. Think about a time when you regretted your decision. Write out how you felt and create a written apology for yourself.
  9. CONFIDENCE: Write what this word means to you. How can you improve your confidence?
  10. Create a list of goals you plan to accomplish in the next year. Choose three priority goals that you plan to focus on most.
  11. Devise a plan for each of your three priority goals. How do you plan to make the dreams a reality?
  12. Talk about your favorite role model as if you are describing him/her to a friend that does not know this person. What about this person makes you look up to him/her?
  13. Discuss your best personality trait. How do your friends describe you? What do they love about you?
  14. List 5 things you are most grateful for in your life today.
  15. What is the most negative thought in your brain right now? Discuss how you can eliminate it from your mind.
  16. COURAGE: What does this word mean to you? How have you shown courage recently .
  17. Write about a past fear you were able to overcome. How did you feel before and after the experience?
  18. Pen a thank you letter to your mind and/or your body.
  19. Discuss something you want to learn, improve, or change that would make you feel better about yourself. Create an action plan to get this taken care of.
  20. List 10 things your are thankful for in your life right now. Don’t forget to focus on yourself – qualities, body parts, skills etc.
  21. Write down your favorite confidence and self-esteem quotes from the internet as a reference page when you need motivation.
  22. Write about something you need to tell someone who is negatively affecting your life.
  23. Discuss your support system for times you are feeling down on yourself. How do they help to boost your confidence ?
  24. Create a playlist of mood-boosting songs and why you enjoy listening to each when you need a lift.
  25. How could you make your life more positive?
  26. Do you compare yourself to others? Discuss how this could be harmful to your self-esteem.
  27. BRAVE: What does this word mean to you? When in the past have you been brave?
  28. List 5 things you’ve done for others that made you feel good about yourself.
  29. What does it mean to have high self-esteem?
  30. What is the best compliment you have been given? How did it make you feel?

As you can see, the more you write about positive aspects of your life – or how to manage the negative feelings – the more you should start to see your self-esteem rise!

Nikki xo

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