The magic of Christmas – Poem

The magic of Christmas is a special time of year
From the old to the young
and to the loved ones
we hold dear.

Through wintery scenes and
high spirits inside,
warmth, joy and laughter
are created tonight.

The twinkling stars
that cast through the night
bring with it tales
full of delight.
Tales of miracles and magic alike
bring this festive season
completely alight.

Snowflakes glisten as they
fall to the ground
and bells of churches
can be hear all around.
Sleigh bells ringing in children’s ears
and Christmas Carole’s for all to hear.

Bonding around the fire,with a mug of festive cheer,
love and laughter are spread around,
on this,very, merry year.

Children’s lists are written and
cookies left out for Santa,
and not forgetting the reindeer
who are gifted with a carrot.

Presents are wrapped up and
put under the tree,which takes
pride of place with all its grace.
With sparkling baubles and twinkling lights
the magic of Christmas can be found tonight.
The star tops it off with its glimmering shine
and wishes are made before some more wine

As we make, our final “cheers”, wishes are made
and gratitude is shared. All the best for the upcoming
year and Merry Christmas to each one of you this year!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020,

Nikki xo

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