There is Always… (Poem)

There is always light in the darkest of places
There is always hope when you fall to pieces
There is always a gentle hand to keep you safe
and pick you up when you fall down.

There is always a shadow that you can follow,
that will help you turn your world around.
There is always a path that will give you strength
and show you the courage that you have gained.
There is always gratitude to be felt each day
even if it’s not your brightest day.

There is always time for you to mend
and you’ll keep battling until the end.
You’ve been so brave and you should be proud
your life has been a battle ground.
Keep moving forward and don’t look back,
there’s only ghosts that will set you back.

Each and every step you take,
will get you closer to the life you’ll make.
And one of these days you will win the war
and freedom and peace will be yours once more.

Nicola Louise Blair, 2019 ©

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